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My ensembles Rabaskadol and Barocco Locco have recorded a number of CDs, all of which contain music never before published. I always try to make this material accessible for other musicians and you will find an indication if an edition of our transcriptions is available.

Recordings by ensemble Rabaskadol

In Passione Domini- Dutch passion music from the 16th, 20th and 21st centuries

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Label: Aliud, release date: 2010

The central work of this recording is the St. Johns passion by Jan Valkestijn from 1977. It also contains the specially composed instrumental piece (2010) "In Passione Domini" for renaissance ensemble. On this recording you will also find passion motets by Alexander Utendal, Johannes Flamingus and Michel Du Boisson – all representative of the Flemish polyphony. Produced in conjunction with the William Byrd Ensemble/ Nico van der Meel.

Edition: St. John’s Passion by Jan Valkestijn
Anni Bank, Amsterdam

Martin Peudargent - Musician at the court of Jülich–Kleve-Berg

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Label: Aliud, release date: 2007

The musical illumination of the Jülich wedding in 1585 of Duke Johann Wilhelm of Jülich- Kleve and Jakobe of Baden was conducted by the court musician Martin Peudargent born in Huy. On this recording you find instrumental pieces and motets written for this occasion by this late representative of the Flemish polyphonic style. Produced in conjunction with Capella 91/Gerben van der Veen.

Edition: Martin Peudargent, complete works
Musiche varie/MartinLubenow

In principio - Music of the Graz court chapel 1585

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Label: Aliud, release date: 2005

In the Episcopal library of Regensburg we find, under the signature A.R. 775-777 a manuscript containing repertoire of the wind band of the Graz court chapel from about 1585. The importance of this manuscript lies in the fact, that we have specific indications as to which instruments should be used: Namely- cornetti, shawms and sackbuts. On this recording you will find anonymous instrumental pieces, probably written by the players themselves together with vocal works by Orlando di Lasso, Andrea Gabrieli, Giaches de Weert et al. Produced in conjunction with Rostocker Motettenchor/Markus Langer.

Edition: To be published 2012

Stadsmuzikanten: town musicians in the Golden Age

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Label: VVV Monickendam, release date: 1998

In Monnickendam, North Holland we find on the “speeltoren” tower the oldest playable carillon in the world with its original bells. It was built in 1595-97 by Peeter van den Ghein from Mechelen. On this CD you will find music by Jacob van Eyck and Jan P. Sweelinck played by the town carillon players Henk Verhoef and Frank Meyer together with contemporary wind music by Ludovicus Episcopius, Benedict Greebe and Melchior Borchgrevink performed on cornetto shawms and sackbuts.

Recordings by ensemble Barocco locco

Spaerens vreuchden bron: Haarlem, city of music in the Golden Age

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Label: Aliud, release date: 2008

This recording gives a survey of musical life in Haarlem in the 16th and 17th centuries. It contains music both by composers who found a reputation abroad, such as Sybrandus van Noordt and Cornelis Th. Padbrué; and by local composers who nevertheless contributed substantial works , such as Claudin Patoulet, Cornelis Helmbreecker and Pieter Luidhens.

Edition: Spaerens vreuchden bron by Jan Valkestijn Ascolta 2008

Das Hohelied Salomonis

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Label: Cantabile, release date: 2005

Chapters 1& 2 of the Song of Songs set to music by the Aachen based composer Reichardus Mangon in 1609.

Mangon uses the oriental love lyrics of the Song of Songs to create a composition exemplary of the style of the time in terms of declamation of text "dem teutschen Text gemeß/ componirt unnd auff alle Musicalische Instrumente zugericht…" for singers and instruments. This work was a fitting wedding gift for his employer, Duke Friedrich of Württemberg.

Edition: Musiche varie/ Martin Lubenow

Soweit die Wolken gehen- a musical journey from Leiden to St. Petersburg

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Label: ENOC, release date: 2005

This CD was produced for the ENOC symposium of the Eindhoven University and shows that not only did scientists travel widely in Europe in the 17th century, but musicians did too. With works by Cornelius Schuyt, Heinrich Schütz, Adam Jerzebski and Daniel Speer.

Je ne vais plus à la guerre

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Label: Musique en Wallonie/Cypres, release date: 1999

This CD gives an impression of the multifaceted musical life in the region of Aachen, Liège and Maastricht between 1500 and 1650 with examples of Flemish polyphony and also the “Belgian” early baroque style. With works by Thomas Tzamen, Lambert Pietkin, Ludocicus Episcopius, Henry Dumont et al.