Bagpipes in general

DudelsäckeMy bagpipes were the first instruments that I made for sale and have been my companions for more than 30 years.

All models are based on iconographical material, the study of historical and folk bagpipes and my own playing experience.

Open or half-closed fingering.

Medieval model

The external shape is based on engravings and woodcuts from the 13th to 15th centuries. The chanters are preferably made with a cylindrical bore with a single arundo donax reed. I also make instruments with a conical bore and double reeds. The sound of this instrument balances well with shawms.

1 drone:
G, A, d, g
chanters: th123 4560 (six finger holes closed)
d', g', a''

2 drones:
Gg, Aa, dd''
chanters: see above

Renaissance model

This model is inspired by Pieter Breughels painting "the peasants wedding" and my own style of wood turning, developed by making renaissance woodwind instruments. Chanters with double reed of arundo donax. A good instrument to play together with shawms.

1 drone:
F, G, A, c, d
chanters: th 123 4560
d', f', g', a'

2 drones:
Dd, Gg, A, a, Gd, Ae
chanters: see above

Schaperpfeiff after Praetorius

This instrument is based on the descriptions given by Michael Praetorius. He gives Bflat/f for the drones and f with a leading note e for the chanter. However as an alternative, I also make the instrument one note higher. The external shape already shows baroque features. This instrument is made to balance with crumhorns or violins.

drones: Bflat f oder c,g
chanter: th123 4560
f', g'

Großer Bock after Praetorius

Bock is the Eastern European type of bagpipes which normally have a cylindrical chanter and a bent drone. Apparently however, Praetorius had an instrument with a straight drone at his disposal. These pipes have as standard cow horns on the end of chanter and drone to reinforce the sound.

drone DD
chanter: th123 4560


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