Mute cornetti in general

Stille ZinkenOriginal mute cornetti very often have a very low overblown first note; on an instrument in g this will be a g sharp and never an a flat. Similarly, on an instrument in a this will be an a sharp and not a b flat. One could even conclude that some of the instruments are intended to overblow an octave and fill the range by a fingering like that of a flute (see straight cornetti Freiberg and Nürnberg MI 390).

Unless a direct copy is required, I generally make instruments so that standard curved cornett fingerings can more or less be used. The note that corresponds to the high a of a curved cornett can require alternative fingerings 0 020 000 or 0 103 400 however.

I can make mouthpieces similar to those on the originals or to the taste of modern players. Normally it is convenient to have a mute mouthpiece slightly larger than that on a standard cornetto. I have a large number of mouthpiece models at my disposal.

Leipzig 1561/1562 Mute cornetto in g

An instrument with the signature HIER.S (Bassano) which plays (with small modifications) one note lower than a curved cornett in a at 440 Hz

in a'= 440 Hz
- boxwood, true service wood, white beam, plum wood

Leipzig 1561/1562 - Leipzig Mute cornetto at high pitch

Using Leipzig 1561/1562as a basis, I have developed a mute cornetto that plays at a'= 465 Hz. I make this instrument in two versions:

a) on which the distance between the lowest finger hole and the bottom of the instrument is similar to the original, first overblown note is a g sharp

b) is a shortened instrument with a higher 1st overblown note. This instrument can be used as a g instrument in 440 or an a instrument at 415 Hz.

in a'= 465 Hz or a'= 415 Hz
- boxwood, true service wood, white beam, plum wood

Mute cornetto in a

An instrument from the Brussels collection made by Bassano. This instrument was probably conceived as a g alto instrument at a'= 480 Hz. With only very few modifications, this instrument can be transformed into a mute cornetto in a at modern pitch.

in a'= 440 Hz
- boxwood, white beam, plum wood

Cornettino muto

A copy of the Milla instrument in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien plays at a'= 465 Hz. I also make a version at modern pitch. The instrument has a strong bottom register and plays well down to d and up to high b flat or even c. This is a fantastic instrument, especially (though not exclusively) suitable for players with small hands.

in a'= 465, 460, 440 Hz
- boxwood, figured maple, fruitwood

Mute cornetto with a key for F

Following the advice of Michael Praetorius, I have added an F-key to my standard g instrument, allowing musicians to play alto parts which go down to F. The high range is not affected by this modification.

in a'= 465, 460, 440 Hz
- plum wood, brass key

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