Shawms in general

PommernThree years ago I took over the making of large shawms from John Hanchet. Since then I have made several bass shawms both in a'= 440 and 465 Hz.

I have also received an important new boost for this work through my collaboration with Jérémie Papasergio and with whom I have taken a second look at John's models. Eventually I will make the whole range of shawms in my workshop but currently there are some models which you could purchase either from John or from me.

Please ask John Hanchet first and if he does not have this model available then do not hesitate to contact me.

I am very excited, that Jérémie Papasergio offered his advice on further improvements to my shawm family.

Alto shawm, John Hanchets model

The g alto shawm of John Hanchet is based on the study of all existent museum instruments and the huge experience of professional players. The standard instrument for Renaissance music. Additionally to John's set up I offer a wide range of staples and reeds.

in a'= 465, 460, 440 Hz
- sycamore, field maple

Alto shawm Berlin 645

The Berlin instrument were owned by the Naumburg town musician Andreas Unger and built at the beginning of the 17th century. Like the other instruments the g alto has a more refined outside shape and more differentiated sounding possibilities.

in a'= 465, 460, 440 Hz
- sycamore, field maple

Bass shawm

With my bass shawms I am continuing the model developed by my friend John Hanchet, based on a study of all extant bass shawms and which has received worldwide acclaim. Together with Jérémie Papasergio we have improved this instrument's response and intonation, whilst keeping its basic characteristic sound. Through this we have achieved an instrument, on which the demanding original parts for bass shawm, such as the sonatas for the “Hamburger Collegium Musicum” by Matthias Weckmann can successfully be played.

in a'= 465, 460, 440 Hz
- sycamore

Great bass shawm

Another instrument who's basic model has been designed by John Hanchet.

in a'= 465, 460 Hz in BB flat
in a'= 440 Hz in CC or BB flat

For the prices of the instruments please consider the current price list.